Official Documents



Article 1. Name

The formal name of this organization is The Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Article 2. Purpose

The purpose of SWE shall be to empower women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders. As a collegiate section of the national organization, SWE will work towards its goal by fostering a supportive environment for female engineering students.

Article 3. Membership Composition

Any person, full time UConn Student, may attend UConn SWE meetings. However, to be a member of a national collegiate member of SWE, one must be an undergraduate or graduate student of UCONN, register, and pay the membership dues on the national SWE page.

Article 4. Organization Officers

Section 1. Structure

The hierarchy of leadership in SWE is composed of a four person E-board, which works as a uniform team to make executive decisions to better the society as a whole. Each E-board member, President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, oversees a few officers throughout the semester as well as complete their responsibilities listed below. The E-board will decide who each of them is responsible for, unless already specified below. Each E-board member is responsible to be available to communicate with the replacing officer at least one semester after their term is up. The E-board is required to take ENGR 3195 Engineering for Impact in the SWE section when offered, unless unusual circumstances are communicated.

Section 2. Officer Duties

  1. President: This person is the primary student contact for the organization; the “external spokesperson” of the group that regularly interacts with other student organizations and University officials. The president is responsible to communicate with its members, E-board, and the UConn body all of the events and plans of SWE. Also, this person is responsible for overseeing, delegating and managing the activities of the officers and other E-board positions.
  2. Vice President: This person is to assist the president in his/her duty. In addition, the Vice President is in charge of planning all general body meetings and sharing the presentations with the rest of the E-board prior to the meeting.
  3. Treasurer: This person will be primarily responsible for the organization’s finances and to collaborate fund-raising activities. The accounts this person is responsible for includes the SABO account 161 and the School of Engineering Foundation account. In addition, this E-board member oversees the fundraising chair.
  4. Secretary: The secretary is responsible for taking minutes at meetings and distributing them to all officers the following week. In addition, the secretary is required to organize the points system, LinkedIn and Google account. This E-board member oversees the historian and communicates updates to be posted on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media account.
  5. New Member Representative: This person is responsible for organizing new member meetings and relaying information between the new members and the executive board. They are also in charge of the mentor-mentee program and organizing social events for the new members. This member is required to take ENGR 3195 Engineering for Impact in the SWE section when offered, unless unusual circumstances are communicated to the E-board.
  6. Webmaster: This person maintains the SWE’s collegiate website. This person should be actively training a potential officer(s) during their term.
  7. Social Event Coordinator: This person is responsible for coordinating social activities among members, other organizations, and with the School of Engineering. There should be at least three events planned per semester. In addition this member is responsible for organizing the end of the year senior and volunteer appreciation dinner. This person is responsible to attend all social events unless unusual circumstances prevent their attendance. In these situations prior communication is required.
  8. Professional Chair: This person is responsible for communicating between professionals as well as organize professional development events.
  9. Historian: This person is to serve as a public relations organizer and maintain the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts.
  10. Fundraising Chair: This person works with the treasurer to organize at least 3 events to fundraise money for UConn SWE. They are responsible to attend all of the fundraising events unless unusual circumstances prevent their attendance. In these situations, prior communication is required.
  11. Scholarship Chair: This person searches for and updates the members on scholarship opportunities. This person is responsible for coordinating study sessions for SWE members especially the new members. At least two review sessions are required per semester.
  12. Recruiting Chair: This person brainstorms new and creative ways to get more people actively involved in SWE. The recruiting chair is also in charge of the involvement fair, open house, and recruiting events.
  13. Relay for Life Chair: This person coordinates everything involving Relay for Life for SWE. This person is also the team captain, and should attend relay for life meetings, fundraising and promotional events.
  14. MYO Chair: This person is in charge of working with the School of Engineering to coordinate, promote, and attend the Multiply Your Options event. Two members can co-chair this position. This member is required to take ENGR 3195 Engineering for Impact in the SWE section when offered, unless unusual circumstances are communicated to the E-board.
  15. Engineering Society Leadership Council (ESLC) representative: This person can be any member of UConn SWE with or without a position who will attend and represent SWE at the Engineering Society Leadership Council (ESLC) meetings and related events.
  16. Additional Responsibilities: All officers are required to attend all general body meetings, volunteering events, and social events. Only unusual circumstances, which are communicated ahead of time, excuse the officers and chairs from attending these events. All officers are required to create an updated timeline which is emailed to the E-board at the beginning of the semester. Optional for Historian, webmaster, and ESLC officers. All officers are required to read and sign the constitution by the first meeting.

Section 3. Officer Removal

If more than one event is missed per semester without proper communication, or chair does not complete their responsibilities, the E-board will address this issue and given that officer a reasonable amount of time to improve. If improvements are not made, the E-board unanimously must decide to remove that officer and appoint a new chair to finish the term. The new chair must be approved by the faculty adviser.

If an E-board member fails to complete their duties, the other E-board members must communicate the current problem to that member. If E-board member fails to improve, the other E-board members must consult with the faculty adviser to remove and replace.

Section 4. Officer Election Process

Organization officers will be selected by a nomination and election process. President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be elected before the end of the fall semester. The winter break shall serve as a transition period as necessary. The need for election of other positions to be determined at that time. The term for holding an executive office position will follow the calendar year. Any member can run for multiple positions, but no one person can hold multiple E-board positions or chairs, exception to this rule is the ESLC representative.

To be a voting member in SWE, a member must attend at least 40% of meetings for that semester. Prior approval from E-board may be granted to members if this requirement is not reached. The voting procedure, (such as  but not limited to ballots, roll call, etc.) is decided by the E-board. The E-board does not have voting rights. In the event of the tine, the E-bard must make a unanimous decision.

Article 5. Organization Decision Making Model

As a general rule, SWE shall use majority vote to make its decisions.

Article 6. Meetings

Section 1. Frequency

Meetings will be held every other week, dates to be determined by the officers with the consideration of members schedules. A schedule of meetings shall be made within the first three weeks of the semester.

Section 2. Structure

The general body meeting will begin by being called to order by the President. Minutes will be taken by the Secretary, and distributed to the organization’s officers the following week. The meeting will be ended by the President. The officers’ meeting begins half an hour before the general body meeting. Additional officers meeting will be added as needed.

Article 7. Organization Advisor

A full time faculty member from the Storrs University of Connecticut campus is eligible for the faculty advisor position. The Faculty advisor will be chosen by the officers and their term will last indefinitely, with an annual reappointment.

The Advisor’s duties shall include:

  1. Meeting with the organization officers on a regular basis.
  2. Attending organization meetings and activities.

The Advisor shall not have voting rights.

Article 8. Organization Funds

Means of acquiring funds will include application to USG for funding and implementation of fundraising events throughout the academic year. In addition, UTC provides 3000 dollars annually to the Society of Women Engineers and this money is accessed through the foundation account, by the treasurer.

Article 9. Amending the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all present voting members. A proposed amendment to the constitution must be submitted for voting by an officer to all officers at least one week before the biweekly meeting. Upon receiving the two-thirds vote in favor of a constitutional amendment, the organization advisor will be informed of the amendment.

Article 10. Beneficiary Addendum

In the event that this organization’s account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months, the following beneficiary will receive the balance of the organization’s funds:
School of Engineering
UCONN Unit 3187
Kevin McLaughlin
(860) 486-9606

Article 11. Enabling Clause

This constitution was voted on and put into effect on Wednesday, April 15 2015.


Executive Board Positions



  • Serve as an external affairs representative.
  • Appropriately delegate tasks to peer leadership or the general body.
  • Work cooperatively with professional chair to maintain positive relationships with professionals.
  • Maintain open communication with officers, reminding them of responsibilities as well as supporting them.
  • Conduct general body meetings with a clear agenda of all tasks to be accomplished and the time frame in which to do so.
  • Act impartially and as a composed individual. Be a role model to all members of SWE.
  • Responsible for supporting the goals of the professional chair and aiding whenever necessary.
  • Submit quarterly reports (3 per year) in a timely manner
  • Submit updates to the SWE magazine (officer receives email prompts)
  • Serve the general body as the chief-most member in the society.



  • Serve as an internal affairs representative
  • Assume the position of president if the president is temporarily unable to serve.
  • Manage all internal affairs of the organization.
  • Ensure the chair holders are on task and meeting the organization’s goals.
  • Fill in for any chair position when the chair holder is absent.
  • Work closely with the president to help out with extra work that needs to be completed.
  • Help the president plan and conduct meetings.
  • Work closely with the recruiting chair to increase membership.


All of the knowledge needed will be included in the packet you get during SOLID Training. They will instruct you on everything you need to know.


  • Coordinate tasks with the fundraising chair.
  • For any fundraising events many things including change funds, receipt books, tables, and cash box will probably be your responsibility to get from the Student Activities Business Office (SABO).
  • Receipt books can be ordered from SABO but must be returned at the end of the semester.
  • Change funds must be ordered from SABO at least 5 days in advance of a fundraising event.
  • Tip: In order to deposit money you must acquire some sort of verification of where the money came from, usually in the form of a receipt. Otherwise the money will be unverified and they will close your account until you give SABO verification. No anonymous donations are allowed without verification

Financial Reports:

Four financial reports are due during the semester. You will be instructed on how to complete these when you go to SOLID training. These must be completed on time.

Check Requests:

This will be your most frequent duty as the Treasurer. Whenever a SWE member needs money from the SWE account, you must either write an advance, and re-deposit the remaining funds, or write a reimbursement for funds already spent by the member. You or one other authorized members must sign these check requests.



  • The secretary is responsible for communication between the Executive Board, the committee chairs, and the general body membership.
  • They are responsible for taking the meeting minutes during general body meetings and then posting these to the SWE blog within one week of the meeting.
  • The Secretary also sends out the SWE updates and meeting reminders.
  • Meeting Minutes should include the date, time, and location of the meeting. Include the agenda.
  • Gather a list of participants with the goal to start keeping track of attendance.
  • Touch on every main point covered in the meeting and note all the decisions and conclusions that were made. Include action items: Deliverables, Who is responsible for what item/action, and Due dates
  • Include any relevant handouts or presentations
  • Make note of the next meeting, time, and location
  • Send out weekly emails. Emails should have a maximum of two colors, bold or highlight important details. Try to grab the readers attention. Use jokes or puns but try not to go overboard.


Chair Positions

Social Chair


  • Plan events throughout the year to bring members together as a unit both during and outside of meetings.
  • Increase morale of members and help develop a network of girls who can depend on each other when classes get tough.



  • Serve as a public relations person to the general student body.
  • The historian works closely with the secretary to support their goals.
  • The Historian is responsible for maintaining the Facebook and Twitter pages and updating it them with recent events.
  • Manage the involvement fair trifold.
  • Organize photographs and documentation of events in the Permanent File.
  • The historian is also responsible for updating the meeting schedule to be posted in the engineering buildings.

Professional Chair


  • The professional chair is responsible for all communication between professionals in industry or the SWE Hartford chapter.
  • Organize professional development opportunities for chapter members
  • They brainstorm, present, and organize professional development.
  • Communicate with other SWE members to identify interests.
  • They are responsible for all communication of these events and all the necessary work to accomplish them.

Fundraising Chair


  • Works with the treasurer to plan fundraising events throughout the year.
  • Keep track of SWE merchandise that is being sold as a fundraiser
  • Maintains contact with members of our section to determine what future fundraisers people would be interested in.

Scholarship Chair


  • Plan events to make sure that our members are keeping up with their engineering classes.
  • Create scholarship resources for members to utilize.
  • Keep the section up to date on scholarship opportunities.
  • Motivate members to achieve scholastic success

Recruiting Chair


  • Attend the ENGR 1000 classes in the Fall to present about SWE with 2-3 of the other current officers.
  • Organizes SWE’s station at the annual involvement fair.
  • Brainstorm new and creative ways to get more students actively involved with SWE.

Relay for Life Chair


  • Sign up a SWE Relay for Life Team
  • Set a team fundraising goal
  • Keep up to date on all information regarding the UCONN Relay for Life in the spring.
  • Attend weekly team captain Relay for Life meetings.
  • Plan costumes, tent decorations and the team banner.
  • Work with the SWE fundraising chair to determine an appropriate fundraiser.

Freshman Representative


  • Acts as a representative for the newest members of SWE.
  • Brings important concerns/updates to the attention of the other members of the executive board.
  • You must be a current freshman to apply for this position.



  • Maintains and develops the SWE website.
  • Updates the permanent filer and events on the SWE website as the semester progresses.


Leadership Structure