Executive Board Positions



    • Serve as an external affairs representative.
    • Appropriately delegate tasks to peer leadership or the general body.
    • Work cooperatively with professional chair to maintain positive relationships with professionals.
    • Maintain open communication with officers, reminding them of responsibilities as well as supporting them.
    • Conduct general body meetings with a clear agenda of all tasks to be accomplished and the time frame in which to do so.
    • Act impartially and as a composed individual. Be a role model to all members of SWE.
    • Responsible for supporting the goals of the professional chair and aiding whenever necessary.
    • Submit quarterly reports (3 per year) in a timely manner
    • Submit updates to the SWE magazine (officer receives email prompts)
    • Serve the general body as the chief-most member in the society.



    • Serve as an internal affairs representative
    • Assume the position of president if the president is temporarily unable to serve.
    • Manage all internal affairs of the organization.
    • Ensure the chair holders are on task and meeting the organization's goals.
    • Fill in for any chair position when the chair holder is absent.
    • Work closely with the president to help out with extra work that needs to be completed.
    • Help the president plan and conduct meetings.
    • Work closely with the recruiting chair to increase membership.


All of the knowledge needed will be included in the packet you get during SOLID Training. They will instruct you on everything you need to know.


    • Coordinate tasks with the fundraising chair.
    • For any fundraising events many things including change funds, receipt books, tables, and cash box will probably be your responsibility to get from the Student Activities Business Office (SABO).
    • Receipt books can be ordered from SABO but must be returned at the end of the semester.
    • Change funds must be ordered from SABO at least 5 days in advance of a fundraising event.
    • Tip: In order to deposit money you must acquire some sort of verification of where the money came from, usually in the form of a receipt. Otherwise the money will be unverified and they will close your account until you give SABO verification. No anonymous donations are allowed without verification

Financial Reports:

Four financial reports are due during the semester. You will be instructed on how to complete these when you go to SOLID training. These must be completed on time.

Check Requests:

This will be your most frequent duty as the Treasurer. Whenever a SWE member needs money from the SWE account, you must either write an advance, and re-deposit the remaining funds, or write a reimbursement for funds already spent by the member. You or one other authorized members must sign these check requests.



    • The secretary is responsible for communication between the Executive Board, the committee chairs, and the general body membership.
    • They are responsible for taking the meeting minutes during general body meetings and then posting these to the SWE blog within one week of the meeting.
    • The Secretary also sends out the SWE updates and meeting reminders.
    • Meeting Minutes should include the date, time, and location of the meeting. Include the agenda.
    • Gather a list of participants with the goal to start keeping track of attendance.
    • Touch on every main point covered in the meeting and note all the decisions and conclusions that were made. Include action items: Deliverables, Who is responsible for what item/action, and Due dates
    • Include any relevant handouts or presentations
    • Make note of the next meeting, time, and location
    • Send out weekly emails. Emails should have a maximum of two colors, bold or highlight important details. Try to grab the readers attention. Use jokes or puns but try not to go overboard.