Month: March 2016

SWE Excellence Recipient: Kathleen Coleman

Nominated by: Emily Bousaada

“I would like to nominate Kathleen Coleman to be recognized.

It is evident to me that Kathleen is a strong leader for her diligence and commitment to SWE. She has been sent to National and Regional Conferences since her freshman year and has continuously invested back into the program. She exceled as treasurer with her organizational skills to manage the logistics of the 2014 National Conference and has guided the treasurer succeeding her to follow within her footsteps.

Never have I found that I could not come to Kathleen with an issue involving SWE or not. She is approachable and understanding. As an E-board, we openly discuss our conflict weeks and work around them as a team. She encourages others to speak and is open to hearing what others have to say.

Despite her understanding nature, Kathleen is also firm on topics she believes are valuable to the E-board and an organization on campus. She is reasonable and gives the opportunity and benefit of the doubt to those that may have external conflicts involving their commitment to SWE.

What I find to be the most important quality that Kathleen possesses is that she encourages me to be a better leader. She is motivating and I what I admire about her most is that this quality is innate and genuine.

If it were not for Kathleen, it would have been less likely that I would have considered running for Vice President for SWE. She has supported and motivated me to work harder to create a better SWE for the present and the future. I cannot thank her enough for being a phenomenal President, E-board member and friend.”