Officer Responsibilities

Executive Board:

President: Responsible for leading the Executive Board and the group of Officers to set goals for the year and follow through by delegating work and projects to the officer positions. Involves answering any emails and inquiries from other people on getting involved and handling all the external operations of SWE including planning the trips to Society and Regional conferences and teaching the 1-credit ENGR 3025 course.


Vice President: Takes on any work and responsibilities passed down from the President including planning meetings and events. They also are primarily in charge of all internal affairs of the organizations, and should supervise the overall activities of the officers and members.


Secretary: Responsible for communicating with the organization via biweekly emails (SWEekly Update and Recap) and occasionally, emails with important updates. Maintain records, meeting minutes, and contacts list. Works closely with all officers, particularly the social media chair, to keep an updated list of upcoming events and opportunities.


Treasurer: Primarily responsible for the organization’s finances and to collaborate fund-raising activities. This person is responsible for the SABO account 161 and the School of Engineering Foundation account. Submits the budgets and funding requests to USG as necessary with aid from the President.



Professional Director: Responsible for coming up with ideas and events that would help our members be more prepared for internships and/or full time positions as well as interviews, resumes, and career fairs. Oversees the Company Relations, Professional Development and Alumni Officers and reports back to the E-Board.


Company Relations Officer: Responsible for maintaining existing or developing new relationships with companies. Includes keeping in contact with recruiters for events, setting up company visits in General Body or events on campus and relaying the information back to the Professional Director. 


Professional Development Officer: Position involves planning professional development themed meetings and/or scheduling guest speakers or seminars in or outside SWE. This includes meetings like the annual Resume Critique, communicating with the Center for Career Development for visits/seminars, and getting everyone ready for the career fairs each semester. 


Alumni Officer: Responsible for keeping an open line of communication with our UConn SWE Alumni. This involves writing an Alumni Newsletter to send out each month and making sure that the alumni email list is accurate and up to date. 


Special Programs Director: Responsible for the overseeing and supervising of the following officer positions: New Member, Outreach, and Mentor-Mentee. Includes applying for funding to ensure that the various programs can continue running. 


New Member Officers: Responsible for planning, recruiting, and running the New Member Meetings. This may involve going to ENGR 1000 classes or other lectures to promote SWE in general. Meetings include games, motivation for women in STEM, and advice from other members about classes and UConn in general.


Outreach Officers: Responsible for the organization and recruiting for any outreach events, excluding Science Bowl and MYO. This includes:

  • HuskyTHON
  • SWENext
  • Hartford Girls Project
  • Women in Engineering Day


Mentor-Mentee Officer: Responsible for running both the New Member Mentor-Mentee program and the Post-Undergrad Mentor-Mentee program within UConn SWE. This includes recruiting mentors and mentees, assigning mentors and mentees, planning any mentor-mentee events as you want and making sure that the mentors continue the relationship with their mentee.


Public Relations Director: Responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of the following officer positions: Social Activities, Social Media, Fundraising, and Website Officer. Includes planning events that brings the leadership closer together. Should have event, social media, and fundraising ideas prepared throughout the semester and offer help to any of their officers for events and organization promotions.


Social Activities Officer: Responsible for organizing social events to provide opportunities for our members to build a support system and destress. The social chair also helps to find cool places to visit and fun activities to do at society conference locations.


Social Media and Analytics Officer: Responsible for maintaining the UConn SWE Facebook and Instagram pages. It's important to attend as many meetings and SWE events as possible to take pictures, which will be shared on these platforms. For the Instagram, stories are used to advertise events and let members know about the weekly schedule (General Body and New Member meetings, cancellations, etc.)


Website Officer: Responsible for maintaining the UConn SWE website. The website is used for updating the public about what our organization does.